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Laura McCoy

” After taking accounting classes in high school, I went into college wanting to major in accounting.  I continued to have an interest in accounting courses and ultimately graduated with an accounting degree.  Most students change their degrees a few times during college, but I stuck with the original plan! “


Laura’s  Disclosures

I am a horrible cook, but I love to bake.

I have bungee jumped and always wanted to sky dive. After having kids, I am less of a risk taker so have decided to keep both feet on the ground.

Hurricane Wilma destroyed Cancun 2 weeks before my wedding. We frantically got everything re-routed to Cabo and everything went on as planned….just a different location!

Education from:

University of NE – Lincoln Bachelor of Bus Admin in Accounting


Personal service philosophy: 

Be organized and efficient.  Take responsibility for your actions.  Work smarter, not harder

Current duties:

Tax/CAS support
Taxation – corporate, partnership, individual, small business bookkeeping, tax planning and consulting.

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