Bland can develop comprehensive strategies and solutions aimed at minimizing your tax burden.

Through our cost segregation services, your business will recover capital investments and experience improved cash flow.

Working with Bland Helps You With:

  • capital investments recovery

  • cash flow improvements

  • tax liability reduction

We partner with cost segregation experts!

A cost segregation study examines the buildings your company owns and categorizes them into their underlying components, enabling you to retain cash longer by accelerating depreciation deductions. Furthermore, we can develop effective strategies for realizing faster return on your new, acquired, renovated, or existing properties.

Additionally, we partner with Scarpello Consulting, a local engineering firm and cost segregation expert, to expand the breadth of knowledge available for proper analysis of your building. Together, we combine engineering, tax, and accounting expertise.

  • reducing income tax liability
  • improving cash flow
  • increasing utilization of bonus depreciation
  • improving asset classification
  • initiating ‘catch-up’ depreciation for misclassified assets
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