Adapt Using Data Analytics & Process Automation Technology

Bland’s ADAPT solution uses process automation and data analytics to help maximize profits, deploy personnel to critical tasks, improve processes, & control costs.

Areas of Analysis

  • Financials

    • trend
    • liquidity
    • turnover ratio
    • profitability
    • rate of return
  • Real Estate

    • cash flow
    • revenue & expense
    • property comparison
    • sales analysis
  • Healthcare

    • financial analysis
    • patient KPIs
    • treatment KPIs
  • Not-For-Profit

    • program & population data
    • fundraising KPIs
    • financial analysis

A Perfect Blend of Expertise & Technology

  • Process Automation

    Bland uses technology to assist with or take over manual, repetitive tasks or processes…making your organization more efficient.

    • Workflow Automation/Robotic Process Automation
    • Automation of data preparation: Aggregation, Manipulation, Cleansing, Validation, Quality, & Visualization

    In general, any process with one or more of the following characteristics is a good use case for ADAPT:

    • High volume of repetitive tasks
    • High-touch processes (usually involving multiple people)
    • Time-sensitive processes (tied to an event, circumstance, or deadline)
    • Need for audit trails (compliance, security, audits, etc.)
    • High impact (on other processes, deadlines, or departments)

    Example: Staff having to manually input data and generate reporting for management team using spreadsheets with embedded formulas.

    Solution: We will create a workflow to automatically aggregate data from multiple sources, clean and validate data, perform necessary calculations, and generate reports. The workflow refreshes the reports once the source data is updated.

  • Data Analytics

    Bland will aggregate and integrate various data types from multiple data sources and provide better business insights using different analytic approaches.

    Descriptive analytics – “What happened?”
    Diagnostic analytics – “Why did this happen?”
    Predictive analytics – “What will happen?”
    Prescriptive analytics – “What should I do?”

    Use technology to make your organization more efficient.

    • Business Intelligence
    • Data Visualization & Dashboards
    • Trend Analysis: Key Performance Indicators (KPI) Metrics & Comparisons, and Data & Statistical Analysis
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