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Financial solutions for the construction industry’s complexities so you can remain focused on getting YOUR projects complete.

Working with Bland results in:

increased profits

improved competitive position

reduced operating costs and maximized efficiency


Building YOUR Business

Building a successful business requires a team effort. Our firm’s professionals proactively provide customized solutions including:

  • financial statement engagements
  • income tax preparation
  • cash flow forecasting
  • IRS “lookback” calculations
  • multi-state tax planning
  • job cost systems evaluation
  • fixed asset reporting
  • industry benchmarking
  • profitability analysis
  • compensation planning
  • succession/estate planning
  • business valuation
  • litigation support
  • operational reviews

Built on Experience

Our firm’s premium service level and in-depth experience with cash flow management, work progression, project estimating, completion timelines, cost allocations, and further operational and financial issues improves the vitality of your business.

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