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Chrysti Schwarz

Manager in Firm Administration

” I have been working in Tax/CAS and Administration since 2003.  Both of my parents are business owners, my father owns a CPA firm. I believe excellent client service is prompt, warm and friendly interaction that provides answers or solutions to the customer.”


Chrysti’s  Disclosures

Vegetarian since 1996

My family tells me I make the best steak.

I got my first gray hair 3 days after high school graduation.

I enjoy my garden, DIY projects around the home, watching club volleyball and show choir

Education from: Wayne State, UNO, Metro Community College


Personal service philosophy: 

We all have been a customer.  Be empathetic. Come from a place of compassion to speak compassionately. Be fair and just.


Current duties:

Firm Administration, Tax/CAS support

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