Nebraska Coronavirus Relief Fund Program

The State of Nebraska has established a series of Coronavirus Relief Fund (CRF) Programs to help mitigate the impact of economic losses due to Covid-19. The newly reopened Get Nebraska Growing Grants are available now, and applications are being accepted now through November 13, 2020. The Round 2 grants include the following:

  • Stabilization Grant for Charitable Organizations and Licensed Providers, Round 2
  • Healthy Places Grant for Centers of Worship, Round 2
  • Small Business Stabilization Program, Round 2
  • Livestock Producers Stabilization Program, Round 2
  • Hotels and Convention Centers Stabilization Program
  • Event Centers and Sports Arenas Stabilization Program
  • Restaurants and Bars Stabilization Program
  • Licensed Personal Service Business Stabilization Program
  • Movie Theatre Stabilization Program

Dedicated programs have been established specifically for restaurants, bars, hotels, convention centers, livestock producers, and licensed personal care organizations. Each program has specific eligibility requirements and uses of funds, and awards are on a first-come, first-serve basis.

Under the Small Business Stabilization Program, Round 2 Nebraska-owned for profit businesses who are licensed for withholding as of October 1, 2020, are eligible to apply.

Businesses and livestock producers who previously received awards under Round 1 of this program and are not considered a restaurant, bar, hotel, convention center, body art salon, nail technology salon, cosmetology and esthetic salon, massage therapist, or barber are NOT eligible for a second grant.

The Licensed Personal Services Stabilization Program was created because most of these businesses are not licensed for withholding and, therefore, did not qualify under the first round of the Small Business Stabilization Grant. To qualify under this program for the $12,000 grant, the business must be licensed with the Nebraska Department of Health and Human Services and must not have been previously awarded the Small Business Stabilization Grant under Round 1.

For more information and details of each program, please visit:

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