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Kevin Hughes

Kevin joined the firm in 2004. His primary responsibilities include Government Contract Project Manager, Governmental Accounting and Auditing – Quality Assurance.

Kevin’s Disclosures

Born and raised in Omaha, Kevin has been married for 25 years and has two children. He enjoys an active lifestyle of golf, bowling and tennis.

Technical Experience


 Kevin describes his position as “The majority of my time is spent managing many of the Firm’s contracts in our role as agents for the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services. This includes supervising staff as they perform a variety of accounting and auditing services. Another very important allotment of time is devoted to performing quality assurance reviews of many of the Firm’s Governmental and Non-profit engagements we perform. Most of my work involves developing ways to help the Government discover and eliminate/reduce fraud, waste, and abuse in their programs. I would like to think that the results of the work I am involved with are successful in some fashion in almost every project we undertake.”


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