Regulatory and technological advances, combined with the complexity of care delivery, access, and alternative payment models, are forcing health care oversight and operations to evolve.

We create risk-based compliance and audit solutions while cultivating actionable strategies and data-driven insights to reduce the impact of fraud, waste, abuse, and improper payments alongside achieving program goals, which always includes preserving program integrity.

By focusing on stewardship and trust, we build partnerships across the public and private sectors to continually monitor performance, drive transformation, and vigilantly address risks.

Bland’s cross-functional teams of subject matter experts offer diverse experience identifying risks and vulnerabilities in existing programs and new payment and delivery models. Our deep knowledge of government programs at the federal, state, and local levels enable us to identify and use a wide variety of data sources, best practices, and approaches. We use technology to analyze multiple data sources to determine if certain activities and behaviors could lead to potential noncompliance and warrant further investigation. Sound sampling approaches are based on mining, refining, and extracting the right data and can be upheld in the case of disputes.

Some examples of our firsthand experience include vetting providers for sanctions and eligibility to bill Medicare, medical records review, coding manipulation, duplicate billing, price transparency in prescription drug data, and payment and reporting accuracy. We focus on understanding the data, intent, and protocols of a health care system to spot inconsistencies and potential fraud, waste, abuse, and improper payments, which makes us a valuable partner for our clients.

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