Program Education
& Outreach

We believe education is essential to driving achievement, innovation, and progress, and we focus on evaluating and improving learning outcomes.

To empower our clients to create a deeper understanding of compliance requirements, we provide tailored education and outreach tools to ensure learning, development, and growth.

We offer a full spectrum of education strategies and methods, including individual training through our compliance interactions with program participants. This client-centric training often transforms to frequently asked questions guides (FAQs), webinars, computer-based training, fact sheets, and newsletters, each carefully designed to meet our clients’ requests for wide-spread educational needs.

We work with our clients to define learning expectations, calibrate our educational resources, and deliver effective education. We then measure learning outcomes and program performance to determine the most effective and efficient information delivery method to enable continuous learning. This process creates actionable learning experiences that result in higher levels of program compliance and performance, while minimizing burden on the program participant.

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