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Bland offers a wide variety of accounting services with its team of Certified Public Accountants (CPAs) and Certified Fraud Examiners (CFEs).

Outsourced Accounting
Cost-effective and accurate financial transaction processing is a must in today’s environment. As a small business that stays at the forefront of the latest technology, Bland is the partner to help any business or government entity achieve their goals without the worry of the day-to-day minutiae.

We are experienced in all aspects of accounting services, such as transaction entry, account reconciliations, financial reporting, internal controls evaluation, Internal Revenue Service 1099 processing, sales tax, payroll, accounts receivable management, accounts payable management, budgeting, and job costing.

Our suite of software programs will provide you access to real-time data at any location. We have a wide range of service levels that will accommodate any business or government entity, from a bookkeeper to a controller to a CFO.

Medicare and Medicaid Cost Report Preparation and Strategic Planning for Long-Term Care Facilities
Medicare and Medicaid reimbursement policies are constantly changing, which requires additional time and resources for health care providers. Bland’s 30 years of experience with cost report reimbursement methodologies provides immense value to its clients. Our deep knowledge of operational and financial impacts on providers relating to current healthcare and regulatory changes allows us to assist facilities in determining the cost and reimbursement impact of those changes. We also keep our clients informed on the most recent federal initiatives, including compliance with the Skilled Nursing Facility 3-Day Rule Waiver, value-based purchasing, and federal bundled payment models. In conjunction with these efforts, we discuss with our clients why the Payroll Based Journal, Nursing Home Compare, and other facility benchmarks are vitally important for long-term care facilities to remain competitive in the coming years.

We assist both urban and rural facilities in developing tools and systems to capture all of the third party reimbursement amounts and revenue they are entitled to receive, monitor staffing and census-driven expenses, and maximize  cashflow. Our unmatched knowledge, coupled with robust analysis capabilities that provide sound decision making, makes us an easy choice.

Financial Instrument Reviews
To protect against financial losses, the federal government relies on our financial and insurance industry expertise to review financial instruments such as escrow agreements, letters of credit, surety bonds, and reinsurance agreements on its behalf. Bland has worked in close concert with the government and industry to shape the guidance for these instruments over the past 5 years. These instruments are becoming more prevalent in government healthcare initiatives as shared risk and reward are an important part in furthering value-based care.

Incurred Cost Submissions & Rate Structures
As a government contractor, Bland is subject to the Defense Contract Audit Agency (DCAA) cost accounting standards. We understand what it takes to be compliant with these standards. We also have a wide range of practical applications of the Federal Acquisition Regulations (FARs) due to our many state, local, and federal government compliance audits over the past 45 years. This first-hand knowledge of cost accounting standards and the FARs is used in preparing indirect cost rate proposals for Tribal organizations and our audits of indirect cost proposals for engineering firms.

Bland’s team members have experience with a wide range of budgetary tools, including corporate budgeting tools from IBM, Oracle, and Deltek, as well as customized and “home-grown” budgeting tools. As a technology agnostic firm, we can help with selecting a budgeting tool, performing process improvement, and identifying the best methodology to achieve desired results.

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