& Program

Our compliance monitoring and program oversight approach creates operational measures and feedback mechanisms that enable program transparency, curated insights, and performance assurance.

We strategically deploy resources from various disciplines, tailored to each situation.

Forensic, Advisory, Data, Compliance, and Audit professionals typically comprise the core team, adding industry or subject matter expertise as needed. We deliver recurring insight into the status of safeguards and controls to proactively identify and mitigate vulnerabilities, as well as insight as to how initiatives are unfolding–which areas present challenges and which areas engender enthusiasm among participants. This complete approach to monitoring provides meaningful recommendations on how federal programs and businesses can be improved.

We augment our approach with advanced technology, extensive data repositories, and an integrated suite of tools to maximize efficiency and efficacy for our clients. With decades of experience, we support a diverse range of clients with various needs. From standard business operations to experimental healthcare alternative payment models, we have the resources, capabilities, and expertise to seamlessly tailor visibility and oversight solutions with superior lines of communication among all parties involved, while focusing on minimal administrative burden.

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