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With today’s technology, we can analyze a wealth of information for evidence-based decision making, bridging the distance between data and insight.

At Bland, our cross-functional subject matter experts analyze data ecosystems with advanced technologies and processes to turn information into insights. By cultivating a comprehensive understanding of the ecosystem, paired with our decades of experience, we quickly and efficiently generate the insights our clients care about.

We consider multiple factors when determining the most appropriate data sources, including security protocols, prior data manipulation, timing of user submission, and the type and frequency of data refreshes. We prioritize the evaluation of data availability, collection, completeness, and quality when developing our data analysis activities. We ensure the data sources provide the appropriate information and oversight that the initiative, model, or program requires.

Safeguarding data is of utmost importance. As we work with multiple data repositories and sources, we comply with all security policies, procedures, and data use agreements.

We use the data collected to identify and report on holistic trends. We also focus on continuous improvement year after year through iterative, adaptive analysis of base data points. Our data analysis results deliver valuable recommendations and educational opportunities to our clients and their program participants.

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