Services (A-76)

Bland’s in-depth knowledge of Medicare reimbursement policies and long-standing relationship with the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) led to an administrative services contract, which has been held since the early 2000s.

CMS has outsourced to us its day-to-day functions for Managed Care Organizations’ (MCOs’) cost report technical reviews, reimbursement analysis, focused audits, education and outreach, and assistance with policy setting.

Bland’s attention to the MCOs’ nuanced details allows CMS personnel to focus on the high-level oversight of the program, which results in an effective oversight strategy.

As a trusted partner and unbiased third party, Bland works directly with the MCOs throughout the year―from establishing initial payment rates through payment settlement.

Our work on this contract extends well beyond the technical reviews and puts us in a vital position of guidance and leadership. An important part of our work is educating the MCOs on preparing cost reports, policy impact, best practices, and correcting desk reviews and audit findings. We also support CMS and the Office of General Counsel in the cost report appeals process, relieving burden on CMS personnel. Our comprehensive knowledge of claims data, statistical methods, and impacts of medical records reviews ensures CMS’s positions are sound. This knowledge is complemented by our meticulous supporting documentation and several quality control reviews by our highly experienced cost report team.

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