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Development and Training

btn-download-pdfThe Government Contracting team at Bland & Associates, P.C. combines a strong desire to innovate with time-tested knowledge and continuous training on the evolving healthcare payment and service delivery models.

Development and training happen on both sides of a government contracting engagement with Bland & Associates, P.C. We are first and foremost learners, but we also deliver simplified processes, data, and training to multiple engagements for the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS).

For example, our Government Contracting team has regularly taken on the development and updating of new audit protocols and processes that become the approved standard for future audits. We develop dashboards, answers to FAQs, and one-sheets to simplify data streams for a variety of internal and external CMS audiences. Bland & Associates also conducts webinars for Medicare services providers prior to and following an audit to support understanding and improvements.

Internally, our team has experience working with CMS on audits, program oversight, monitoring and compliance, forensic analysis, and fraud, waste, and abuse detection. Our management team consists of shareholders, directors, and managers, supported by solution-focused professionals, of whom many are CPAs, Certified Fraud Examiners (CFE), and/or have advanced degrees. Our staff invests at least 50 hours per person annually on continuing professional education.

The pioneering environment of healthcare systems requires continuing staff trainings and briefings to help our team deliver best practices. Bland & Associates emphasizes an integrated team of professionals who exhibit senior-level intelligence and youthful resourcefulness. We focus on the future of health care.

Bland & Associates Government Contracting Team Training Overview:

  • At least 50 hours of professional education per person per year
  • Individual training plan for each staff member
  • Training regarding Medicare regulations
  • Annual and ongoing CMS training, including CMS webinars
  • Annual AICPA training
  • Review of program newsletters, briefings, and other industry updates

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