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My banker recommended Bland & Associates but, in the end, we chose the firm because of the professionalism and attitudes of everyone we met. They have been professional, efficient, and understanding of our company’s requirements and needs.

There are a lot of accounting firms to choose from, but very few listen to their customers. I previously believed that accountants worked at their own pace and that they were above listening to their clients. After working with Bland, those perceptions have dissipated. Keep doing what you’re doing!

Scott Remington, Chief Executive Officer, CSR Company, Inc.

I have been a CPA in the non-profit field for 29 years and our organization has had a great experience working with Bland & Associates for the past three years.

The Bland team has been thorough in the audits, quoting appropriate guidelines when presented with a question, and keeping us up-to-date with pending changes in FASB standards. They are always available to answer questions and help us think through our options.

We really appreciated Justin taking the extra time to attend a board meeting to provide reassurance about claims made by a grant agency concerning our financial management and his willingness to allow the agency to contact him directly with any questions or concerns. We also appreciate how comfortable it is working with the Bland team during the stress of an audit.

Pam Phillippe, Chief Financial Officer, Women's Center for Advancement

I was in the for-profit world for 30+ years prior to joining Habitat for Humanity (including 10 years in the public accounting industry). Bland & Associates was finishing its first-year audit of Habitat for Humanity when I joined the non-profit as the Chief Financial Officer in May 2013.

Habitat for Humanity choose Bland due to the company’s non-profit experience and reasonable pricing in its proposal. Bland has performed very well for us – striving hard to meet our deadlines and providing valuable non-profit and tax expertise when required. We have also enjoyed a lot of continuity on our audit team – which has made the annual audit more efficient each year.

Recently, we agreed on a multi-year engagement plan with Bland, due in large part to our trust in their team. I have recommended Bland to other organizations in the Omaha area, primarily due to the professionalism of the firm combined with a reasonable, rational approach to their services. Needless to say, we are pleased to be a part of the Bland client list.

Al Siemek, Chief Financial Officer, Habitat for Humanity

I joined All Makes Office Equipment Co. in 1990 and serve as the Vice President – Treasurer. In my role, all things accounting are my responsibility.

For more than 30 years, our company used a different, local accounting firm, but we were looking for a fresh point-of-view and new ideas. In 2012, we decided to make a change and selected Bland & Associates to provide the technical expertise, innovation, and creativity we were seeking. Making such a drastic change felt a bit daunting, but the staff at Bland made it much easier for us and we adapted very quickly.

Mutual respect
is the key to our relationship with Bland & Associates. We are a team, working together for the benefit of All Makes Office Equipment. In the first year, Bland suggested we reorganize our businesses to take advantage of some tax options. They also discovered a reporting standpoint that required some changes. They worked with us through the transitions, every step of the way.

We are a happy, Bland client and look forward to working together for many years to come.

Alan Fredricks, Vice President – Treasurer, All Makes Office Equipment Co.

Our family has been in the grocery wholesale distribution business for 22 years, selling in a three-state area.

Five years ago, our company faced adversity and extreme hardship, which included embezzlement. At the time, a business associate referred us to Bland & Associates. Jeremy Vokt, along with the rest of the Bland team, helped us through a very tough situation. This assistance was instrumental in the recovery of our business and the success we enjoy today.

The relationship with our previous accounting firm was very difficult. Bland, on the other hand, is a trusted, loyal partner in our business. They gained our trust with work ethic, expertise, and honesty in all the situations we encountered on our journey. Their expertise and willingness to go the extra step, and the trust we have in their ability is beyond compare. They are reliable and always available for consultation or advice.

Bland & Associates has been a blessing to our family.

Jenise Brown, President/Owne, JVB Consulting and Sales

Our Bland & Associates team was very open to learning how our accounting practices work at Eastern Star. Having a daughter that is a C.P.A. and is an auditor as well, I am very aware of how important it is to communicate with our auditors. It is also essential to have a good working relationship where I feel comfortable asking questions, knowing I will get an answer as quickly as possible. Your firm exceeds that expectation with a very prompt response time.

In summary, the transition to Bland & Associates has been a good one. Our team has gone above and beyond to make sure we felt comfortable and secure in our decision to make the move.

Kari Kretzinger, Business Manager, Eastern Star

Angels Among Us has used Bland CPA for a variety of services for over six years with great satisfaction. They provide us with general accounting, tax, and payroll services, which is very cost effective given our small staff structure. They are highly knowledgeable about non-profit accounting and I would highly recommend them if you are looking for a good accounting firm.

Susie Nelson, Executive Director, Angels Among Us

I took over a failing family business after my husband sought employment in a different field, but the original accountant made the process impossible and charged a high rate.

Bland & Associates came highly recommended. The team is made up of smart, forthright professionals who understand what I need and deliver prompt, efficient service that is on-point. They cut through all the unnecessary red tape, saving valuable time. Joining forces with Bland was the best thing that happened in trying to run a small business post-recession.

Nancy Sibbernsen, Owner, Malibu Galleries

I’m a CPA but my expertise is management consulting. I was spending at least six hours a month keeping up with bank accounts and figuring out my income and spending in QuickBooks; it was stressful and a distraction. Having turned my accounting over to Bland & Associates gives me more time to serve clients, and I have peace of mind that I’m tracking income and expenses appropriately.

Dan Gaffney, Founder/CEO, VouchedIn, Inc.

I was always happy with the services provided by Bland & Associates. We were a small non-profit with an unusual structure that required specialized skills and attention and we were never disappointed, they knew just how to help us. They were great with our staff and worked hard to make sure we were in compliance and using best practices. I not only recommend her services. I wouldn’t want anyone else.

Crystal Rhoades, Juvenile Detention Alternatives Coordinator, Douglas County, Nebraska

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