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Ryan McLouth, CPA, CFE, PMP

Ryan McLouth says he first went into Accounting to prove his college roommate wrong.  He said McLouth wouldn’t do well in the subject.  In the end, he ended up majoring in Accounting because he found he both enjoyed and excelled at it. He could also see all the opportunities to do work he enjoyed, while helping others along the way.

The particular area I work in has given me the opportunity to help identify fraud waste and abuse in the health care industry,” McLouth said. “I’m also able to help younger staff develop their careers, pay it forward.”

He joined Bland & Associates in 2007 and was named Manager in the Government Consulting department in 2014, promoted to Director in 2017 and Partner in 2020.  McLouth and his team primarily work on Medicare examinations and developing new audit procedures to help the government monitor new programs. The goal is to help the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) identify fraud, waste and abuse and provide recommendations for process improvements.

McLouth says his personal, professional goal is to provide reliable, timely and meaningful results and to help identify areas of improvement for his clients.

“I strongly believe in the motto to be better today than you were yesterday,” he said. “You can never stop learning or improving and I strive to pass that on to my clients and my peers.”

Born and raised in Omaha, McLouth earned a BA/BS in Accounting from Creighton University in 2004.  He is also a Certified Fraud Examiner (CFE) as well as a Certified Public Accountant.  As for his college roommate, McLouth says he really proved him wrong!



Technical Experience

  • Aim and advance payment ACO spend plans
  • Audits, reviews, and compilations of financial statements
  • Development of compliance, monitoring, and oversight protocol
  • Execution of program compliance, monitoring, and oversight protocol
  • Federal contract project management
  • MA and PDP examinations
  • MCO examinations
  • Medicare cost report desk reviews
  • Medicare shared savings program application process
  • Medicare shared savings program participant agreements
  • OMB circular A-133 audits
  • Wage index desk reviews

Ryan’s Disclosures:

ico-checkered-flag I’ve got a need for speed! I have received a speeding ticket in 5 different states.
ico-pingpong When I was young, I imagined myself as a professional ping-pong player.
ico-trophy Striving for excellence is in my blood. I achieved state championships with my 8th grade swing choir and high school baseball teams.


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