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Diana Busche
Firm Administrator

According to Diana Busche, she always thought she would be a doctor when she grew up.  Finding she was squeamish at the sight of blood, she decided she should find another career field.

“In college, I discovered I didn’t have the stomach for Medicine,” said Busche. “That is when I decided to switch gears and change majors from Healthcare to Accounting.

Diana Busche joined Bland & Associates in 2002, and worked her way up from Administrative Assistant to Supervisor to Office Manager.  In 2015 she became the Firm Administrator.

Beyond working the numbers, Busche says her years of experience at the firm and her role allow her to be of service to the internal personnel as well as the clients.

“I have been with the firm for numerous years and have seen a lot of changes during that time,” she said. “As such, I can be considered the go-to person when a peer has a Bland-specific question, whether it be about Human Resources, Financials, Meetings, or Software.”

Born and raised in Fremont, Busche attended the University of Nebraska in Lincoln and Nebraska Wesleyan, where she earned a BS in in Business Administration, Human Resources, and Communication.




Diana’s Disclosures

icon_klutz I am notorious for being a klutz.
icon_cupcake I love to bake cupcakes.
icon_nephews I love to spend time with my nephews.

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